yoga and reiki classes

All abilities are welcome in our classes; our instructors look forward to providing modifications helping you challenge yourself and your body and have fun! The Studio offers a variety of classes to fit all needs and encourages challenging yourself to trying all types of classes.

Please check our schedule for class days and times. Classes must be booked 30 minutes prior to start time.

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Recommended Classes for


Lotus Flow:

A slower practice that combines stretchy yoga asanas while simultaneously incorporating intuitive and flowing movement. This class encourages you to let your hair down, find your inner fluidity, and let go of expectations. Embrace your most authentic self by letting go of any judgments, worries, or stresses by getting in tune with your body, breath, and spirit.

Reiki Restorative Yoga:

A deeply meditative and restful practice where supported variations of yin yoga poses are used to allow participants to receive group and private energy work while allowing the body to release stress and tension. Contact us to find out more about the Reiki Mandan, ND residents rely on for relaxation and meditation.

Stretch Yoga:

Stretching keeps your body more fluid and helps you reduce tension and stress by matching your breathe to the movements. Stretch Yoga will improve your mobility, posture, and performance and will even help reduce that mind chatter. Perfect for anyone simply wanting to stretch!

Yin Yoga:

A slow paced style of yoga with seated and reclined postures that are held for longer periods of time than a traditional Vinyasa class. Relax as you let gravity do most of the work.

Recommended Classes for Kids

Kids Core de Force Live!

Core de Force is a MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) styled workout. Kids will learn and play through multiple 3 minute rounds. MMA rounds are made of non-contact combos and heart-pumping spikes. Conditioning rounds work on slower, controlled strength movements. The class strengthens both physical and mental awareness, control, and fun! Kids work hard but play even harder!

Recommended Classes for


Intuitive Movement Yoga:

Through a combination of flowing, shaking, dance, and burlesque, this class will encourage you to let your hair down, embrace inner-fluidity, and let go of expectations. This practice will focus on the release of trauma stored in the physical body, loving yourself, and improving creativity. This yoga class will help you discover emotional liberation by letting go of judgement, worries, and stress through loving your body, mind, and spirit.


Sit back and relax while guided to inner healing through sound, meditation and your breath. A healing practice that allows you to experience inner calm and deep relaxation. Please enjoy are different types of meditation classes including sound baths and Reiki energy healing.


The combination of yin and meditation creates a healing practice that allows you to experience an inner calmness. Sit back and relax while guided to inner healing through sound, meditation, asanas (poses)and your breathe.

Moon Yoga:

Enjoy a flow aligned with the asanas that are drawn from the cosmos, sequenced around the astrological position of the moon as the phase. Moon Yoga will reconnect you with your inner self, the cosmos, and Mother Moon.

Primal Flow:

A low impact, vinyasa style class with a focus on intentional breath work, repeated sequences, and softer Buti elements to bring your awareness back into your body and the sacred movement.

Reiki Guided Mediation:

By joining this class, you provide the instructor approval to invite Kundalini energy (energy from the earth) and the universal energy Reiki into your body helping to awaken to your higher self. When you participate in Reiki in Mandan, ND, you can find peace in healing issues you may be dealing with and empowering yourself for great personal success.

Evening classes turn down the lights and the candlelight on, creating a euphoric relaxing experience for.

Recommended Classes for

Strength & Exercise

All Level Vinyasa:

A traditional style yoga practice that pairs breath and movement. Seamlessly connecting poses with your breath with creative and dynamic sequences.

Barre Core:

Barre fitness is a hybrid full-body workout class, combining ballet inspired movements with the elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and strength training. Class focuses on high reps of small range isometric movements till you feel the burn.


((BOUNCE)) is mini-trampoline fitness also known as 'Rebounding'. ((BOUNCE)) sessions are dance-choregraphed workouts programmed to gain rapid results via HIIT training.

Buti Yoga:

Buti is an empowerment movement methodology that incorporates dynamic yoga poses with primal movement, cardio-dance, bursts and deep core conditioning to release trauma stored at a cellular level.

Core Restore:

Restore your core with this feisty morning flow. With resting yoga asanas in between to gently push the muscle limits, wake up your abdominals with this forty-five minute power-focused class.

DEEP Buti Yoga:

A practice that utilizes all of the elements we love about Buti including the spiral technique, pulses, and hip ticks using low impact techniques. DEEP is designed to restructure the deep core, restoring inner action and assist in the safe recovery of pelvic floor prolapse and Diastasis Recti. Enjoy a 10 minute savasana with a sound bowl meditation.

Moxie Yoga:

Moxie Yoga combines burlesque and yoga under the soft ambience of red lights to bring you a sense of empowerment through touch, flowing movements, and creative sequencing attuned to the playlist.

Piyo Live:

A mat-based formatted class designed for people who like to sweat & burn calories! Inspired by Yoga and Pilates using focus, flow, and fusion-style movements, as it incorporates dynamic balance, strength, flexibility, and functional training in a rhythmic style.

Rebel Yoga:

A blend of movement, asana, and light weights to challenge and strengthen your practice.

Shred Your Rage Yoga:

With the help of wrist and ankle weights, a rock inspired playlist, and the strong possibility of scream release, a 45 minute class designed to let it all go.

Slow Flow:

A low impact yoga class that helps you get into shape gradually. This class is a combination of a modified Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Yoga class where you will warm up the muscles and joints.

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