Abby Webs

Psychic Medium Practitioner / Buti Yoga & Yoga Instructor Movement Challenge Practitioner Psychic Medium Abby Webs ~ Owner Get Bent Yoga ~ Owner

Hello! I’m Abby and I have an insatiable thirst for all things spiritually enriching and a passion for healing others through my gifts as a psychic medium. I aligned with this path several years ago, opening my own Etsy shop, and catapulting my own growth.

It’s my mission to help others connect and grow in their own unique gifts as well as relay intuitive messages to help find clarity and guidance. My love of yoga started years ago, slipping in and out of my life, but always find its way back.

In September 2020, I became an RYT 200 Teacher registered with the Yoga Alliance and received my RYT 300 in January, making me an RYT 500.

I am a BUTI Yoga instructor, a SUP Yoga instructor, Primal Flow Yoga, and DEEP by BUTI Yoga instructor. I also created my own program that mixes burlesque and yoga for female empowerment called Moxie Yoga.

I have a deep connection with the movement, mindfulness, and finding gentleness with oneself. When I’m not busy with readings, teaching spiritual gift development classes, making intention candles, ritual oils, anointing sprays, and divination teas, you can find me writing.

I’m also an author of a comedic mystery called Hot Mess! It’s about a psychic private investigator who, through haphazard lighthearted overtones and heartwarming struggles, solves the murder of her mother. If you’re looking for a good book and a good laugh, check it out! Book two is on the way. 

I’m a certified Spiritual Life Coach, Shadow Work Practitioner, Tarot Reader, Transformation Life Coach, Life Purpose Life Coach, Crystal Healing Practitioner, Mindfulness Life Coach, Chakra Healing Practitioner, Shamanic Life Coach, Trance Healer, and Spiritual Magic Practitioner.