Amber Duff

Certified Sound Healer / Owner of Soul Transitions

Hello, my name is Amber Duff, MLS(ASCP); Certified Sound Healer; Usui Reiki I and an Intuitive Tarot Reader. I currently reside in Mandan, ND with my husband Dustin, my three children Caiden, Phoenix and Scarlette. Along with our fur baby, Iris. A beautiful 100 lb. White German Shepard; our cuddle monster and faithful protector. My roots are deep with in the North Dakotan soil. My family lineage is from Wilton, ND(paternal) and Mandan, ND(maternal). My maternal side of the family were farmers. My fathers side worked in and owned the coal mines, farmed and one individual holds precedence. I am the Great-Great Grandaughter of a Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. John Sandelin. He migrated from Sweden to American in the late 1800s and in the early 1900s resided at the Grass Lake Homestead NE of Wilton, ND. Dr. John Sandelin helped many people with his remedies of Homeopathic Medicine Co. and Practice of Iridology.

A way to look at your internal body systems through the appearance of the the clients Iris. He puzzled the Doctors who practiced medicine. Often helping those who were turned away by them. Those individuals would go back to their doctors and tell them about how he helped them. He became known as “The Witch Doctor” because they didn’t understand his knowledge of medicine and Iridology. Although, he would refer individuals to the Bismarck Hospital when he knew what was wrong, but could no longer assist them. He underwent some scrutiny during those times having the abilities and knowledge he had. I loved listening to those stories past down to me from my own Grandpa John. Often left with believing it was a tradition to carry on. I have always been innately drawn to helping and caring for others. As well as fascinated with Medicine. I started work as a Certified Nurse Assistant when I was 16 years old. I graduated from The University of Mary with my Bachelor’s of Science majoring in Medical Laboratory Science and receiving my MLS certification through The University of North Dakota in 2015. Currently, I work full time as a Medical Laboratory Scientist in the Bismarck/ Mandan region. In July of 2018 I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. It was a scary time for my family and myself. I lost all my hair and I had long hair. As vain as it sounds I was broken hearted over it. It was a big part of my vanity my own admiration. It made me feel beautiful. My biggest chances of survival was undergoing surgery and chemotherapy. So I did it all. This was a major turning point in my life. I went down the rabbit hole of Western Medicine. Saw it first hand completely. I went through the health journey mentally, spiritually and physically. Except, they left out the treatment of the first two. Mentally and Spiritually. Two crucial pillars to a balanced mind, body and soul. I am very thankful for the ability to undergo what I did to still be here. But there is a great discord with the mental and spiritual aspects of healing. Medicine is definitely a necessity at times I am not saying it isn’t important. They are very important and has a time and place. It has saved me too! However, we must remember Doctors are humans too. I fully comprehend what the damage of chemo does to the body living it first hand. How for every symptom I had, they had a pill for it. Especially, after my Total Hysterectomy, which spun me into “Surgical Menopause.” Thank the Universe I did not take the pills and pain killers until the very end of my chemo treatments when the pain became too excruciating. I would be on several different medications and addicted to pain killers if I hadn’t refused them. I am filled with gratitude for the deep connection to my intuition, that guided me to be persistent on needing to know what was going on and not going along with the wait and see approach. Which was recommended initially. I am very thankful for the knowledge of a more natural approach to treating the symptoms caused by chemo. Most importantly taking the time to rest, pause and heal. It will be 4 years since my last chemo treatment this January 2023. Gratefully blessed! After my Grandpa John passed on July 11, 2021. I underwent a spiritual awakening through grief. Grief does a lot to a person and It definitely changed my direction. Literally picked me up from the path I was on and uprooted my soul. There I found my love for tarot, meditation, and a more eclectic view on life. These tools have helped me trough so much. I literally would say that the Hermit was my guide during that time of grief. I dove deep in the spiritual realm searching for answers. Speaking to those that could not speak anymore. Looking introspectively. Secluding myself from my family. I literally went on my soul journey even though grief put me there. Grief guided me to where I am now. Truly following my soul purpose. I am filled with gratitude for being here still on this Earth and I am unable to stand idle. I have an insatiable love for the Moon and utilize the energy of her phases to plant intentions, manifest my desires, and accomplish my goals. I have grown in so many ways in the last 4 years. So naturally that’s when I decided to peruse my certification in Sound Healing this last Fall(2022). I cherish this healing energy and want to share it with as many people as I am able. For those who truly want to receive it. For those who need it for their own physical, emotional and spiritual journeys. I am absolutely honored to be able to facilitate that for others. Naturally, having a never ending thirst for knowledge-currently I am pursuing certifications in Breathwork. This is another great tool to compliment my Sound Healing sessions. Then on to my next aspirations, to become a Reiki Master. More to come!

Love and Light Amber Duff

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