Tia Jones


Hi! I’m Tia, and I am so excited and my heart is so full to be able to join this team! I have known Keri and a few of the other ladies for some time now, and the journey that brought us together was meant to be. If you have ever found yourself saying that about something in your life, trust me, it more than likely was! I was brought on this path of healing, trying to find the answers to my pain, so much trauma, and dealing with un-resolved grief of losing my mom unexpectedly when I went to see a local medium here in town. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, as I was always so hesitant to experience one because I’d be afraid of what I would hear or worse, not hear. I will never forget hearing that first message from my mom, and the intense feeling of emotion and grief finally being released from within.

From that moment on, I haven’t looked back. This was also when I discovered I am also gifted in my abilities to be able to deliver these same messages for people, and then some. After taking a number of developmental classes, along with more unique and individualized classes, I have discovered what abilities come natural for me, and I truly have a passion for, which are Psychometry, Angle Card Readings, and the ability to give psychic or medium readings. It will honestly just depend on what your guides are telling me when we meet! I think one of my favorites, and most unique is psychometry. Psychometry is the ability to hold objects in my hands and connect with the souls of them. I am able to tell the stories of the loved ones that once owned them, or gave them to you, whether those stories will be good or bad, depends on the messages I am getting. I have been able to read photographs, and even been able to interpret single words written down on a piece of paper to provide a story for that person. If you are interested in this unique type of reading, or just interested in getting to know me, and help me in my healing journey, please feel free to reach out! I cannot wait to help people experience the amazing journey that I have been on, because it is the most freeing, loving feeling.