wellness and spiritual healing

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Wellness Sessions

Intuitive Emotional Healing:

Using intuition and energy healing techniques such as meditation, Reiki and Yoga practices, work through self sabotaging feelings and beliefs.

Sole Balancing:

Sole Balancing is a blissful reiki infused foot session done to promote release of negative emotions stored within essential organs of the body.

Home & Office Clearings

Home or Office Clearing Session:

Enjoy the same services you can receive individually for your home or office helping the space feel lighter, balanced and more peaceful. This is a great session if unwanted energy has been filtering into your space, unexplained things are happening and the space just needs to be vibed up.



Understanding Emotional Eating:

Learn more about your cravings and the emotions they are trying to balance to help you process unwanted emotions and develop a healthier relationship with you.

Pet Sessions

Energy Healing Pet Session:

Helps balance your pets chakras and release blocked energy using Reiki, healing energy, and emotional release techniques leaving your beloved pet feeling lighter, happier and healthier.

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Wellness Sessions


Reflexology combines the body's own energy and the healing effects of touch therapy to promote a healing response. In doing so, we can induce a deep state of relaxation or a parasympathetic nervous system state, also known as rest and heal or rest and digest. Enjoy a Spa Experience! Start the session with a hot tea and herbal foot soak of choice. Enjoy warm towels, a warm flax seed eye pillow, and arnica lavender chamomile oil for relaxation.

Thai Yoga:

The practitioner guides the client through a series of yoga postures, while palming and thumbing along the body’s energy (‘Sen’) lines and pressure points. Together these actions result in a comprehensive full body treatment that relieves muscular tension, improves circulation, boosts the immune system and balances the body energetically.

Private Yoga & Meditation

Traditional Yoga, Stretch Yoga, Private Meditation

A traditional yoga or meditation class held in a private setting at your convenience allowing the client to find comfort and feel safe in a 1 on 1 session focused on your individual needs.


Wellness Sessions

Divine Feminine Healing:

The session provides guidance on reproduction health and helps you take back control of your feminine health.

Women's Yoga Series:

Private yoga classes with emphasis on fertility/conception, postpartum, pregnancy and women's health.

Download The Studio Mandan app to easily book classes, wellness sessions and enjoy online classes.


Wellness Sessions

Aura Cleansing:

A meditation and Reiki session focused on balancing your chakras and releasing stagnant energy that no longer serves you; using psychic, mediumship, Reiki and breathing tools to help cleanse your aura from negativity and past traumas helping you feel more energetic, healthier, and positive.

Psychic Medium Readings:

The practitioner will psychically tap into your energy and relay a message, providing the symbolism seen, for clarity and direction on where you currently are and next steps. This reading will provide a deeper look into current circumstances that surround your situation, future possibilities, and specific messages that you may need to hear right now.

Psychometry ~ Object Reading:

Using intuition, psychic awareness and mediumship, the practitioner will connect with the object to deliver messages to you. This is a great tool to connect deeper to a loved one or simply learn more information about an object.

Tarot Reading:

The practitioner will guide you through a sixty minute tarot reading. You may ask unlimited questions during this reading and receive both tarot and psychic answers.

Spiritual Attunements

Wellness Sessions

Angelic Reiki Attunement

The attunement comes directly as a gift from the Angels through guidance from the practitioner. It is given in its pure state creating no lineage lines and uses Symbology to infuse energy through sacred geometry shapes called the Angel Zibu symbols.

Aura Attunement

This attunement realigns, connects and protects all the layers of the aura helping provide mental, emotional, physical and spiritual balance so you feel more at peace.

Kundalini Reiki Attunements

Jump start your spiritual awakening by getting attuned to the early energy of Kundalini and the Universal energy, Reiki, so healing energy is always at your fingertips. There are 3 levels of attunements and each attunement includes an aura cleansing session helping you release what is no longer serving and creating a higher vibration within the client.


Sessions Offered Distantly:

*Aura Cleansing
*Private Yoga & Meditation Sessions
*By request all spiritual attunements can be done distantly, contact Keri at info@thestudiomandan.com to learn more.

Download The Studio Mandan app to easily book classes, wellness sessions and enjoy online classes.