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Aura Attunement

w/Keri Vammer

Everyone has an aura. An aura is the energy field that surrounds the human body, animal or object. The aura embodies all the traits and qualities the person, animal or object radiate. An aura has 7 layers including:
  1. Etheric Body: closest to the body, connected to root chakra representing stability, family, relationships and the basic needs to survive
  2. Emotional Body: connected to the sacral chakra, representing our emotions and creativity
  3. Mental Body: connected to third chakra, representing our thought process
  4. Astral Body: connected to the heart chakra and acts as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms
  5. Etheric Template Body: connected to throat chakra and the blueprint of the physical body sense it exists on the physical plane with communication
  6. Celestial Body: connected to the third eye chakra and where the spiritual connection starts; the layer of unconditional love
  7. Spiritual Body: connected to the crown chakra creating the spiritual connection; centered around psychic abilities
As a person, animal or object experiences traumas and stress in life, these layers can get disconnected causing a feeling of disconnection, lost, numb, chaos and unpeaceful creating anxieties among other health issues. This attunement realigns, connects and protects all the layers of the aura helping provide mental, emotional, physical and spiritual balance so clients feel more at peace. 

Sessions are 60 minutes.

Session $150

*Offered in studio and distantly

Benefits of Getting Aura Attuned

  • Strengthens your aura
  • Vibrant connection to spirit
  • Provides clarity in your divine connection and intuition
  • Easier connection to spirit realm
  • Boosts your immune system

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