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Intuitive Emotional Healing 

with Keri Vammer 

Our physical bodies can be affected by emotions if we don’t deal with them. Aches, pains, and health issues are just a few of the things caused by stuck emotions. Using intuition and energy healing techniques such as meditation, Reiki, and Yoga practices, we can work through those self-sabotaging feelings and beliefs. Underlying feelings of anger, grief, hurt, sadness, unworthy, and simply not feeling good enough are hard to process and often shoved in that unseen closet we avoid, afraid of what happens if we open it. Together we start to open the closet and deal with the emotions providing you freedom and peace to move through life. 
This session will include techniques of meditation, journaling, and energy healing, helping you let go and embrace what you truly desire in life. Sessions are 60 minutes.

Single Session (60 Minutes) $80

*Sessions are in the studio


Emotional Healing Benefits

  • Help release physical aches and pains
  • Experience more joy and abundance
  • Feel lighter and happier
  • Become more confident, open, and loving
  • Better cope with stress and anxiety
  • More clarity
  • Become calmer, less frightened, and more trusting
  • Become free of inherited trapped emotions
  • Be healed of pre-natal trapped emotions
  • Free yourself of absorbed trapped emotions from others
  • Live a healthier and happier life
  • Create the life you desire, free of trapped emotions


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