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Understanding Emotional Eating

w/Keri Vammer

Stuffed emotions can cause us to struggle with excess weight and develop food habits that don’t serve our highest good. Stress, exhaustion, overworked, anger, irritation, depression are just a few of the emotions we can endure causing our relationship with food. In this session, learn more about your cravings and the emotions they are trying to balance to help you process unwanted emotions and develop a healthier relationship with you.
As they say, knowledge is power and there is power in understanding our bodies so we can connect with them and feel better.
Sessions are 60 minutes.
Session $75
  • Benefits of Understanding Emotional Eating

    • Accept your emotional needs versus fill your stomach
    • Understand the emotions tied to the foods you crave
    • Get to the root of the emotions to curve your cravings
    • Start to crave foods that support your healing 
    • Experience less cravings
    • Powerful way to manage anxiety and depression
    • Deal with emotions satisfying the cravings
    • Satisfy hunger in healthier ways

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