About The Studio

The Studio: Wellness Community of Mandan is a holistic wellness center focused on helping you find a place of comfort and peace to find your breath, movement and to help you balance, center and release trauma through our classes and wellness sessions. Enjoy our comfy store for some of our holistic self care and cleansing tools to help you find peace in your day. It’s our goal to create a space that feels safe, positive, uplifting and that encourages a sense of community. By supporting each other we make positive decisions and changes. Our goal is to help each other be their best self understanding that best self can be different from day-to-day.

Building better habits together

Studio Etiquette 

104 3rd Ave NW, Suite 202, Mandan, ND. 

Street parking is available on 3rd St right in front of the building. The space is on the second floor.

We are currently located in Jazz Co. Dance Academy while our permanent home is in the works!

Cell phones should be silenced and vibration off to avoid distraction during class.

If you did not bring a mat for classes that require one you are welcome to borrow one from The Studio at no charge. Please wipe down with mat spray and return to designated area when done. Unless specified, additional equipment is provided by The Studio. (hand weights, bolsters, etc.)

Arrive prior to class with enough time to check in and find a space.
We understand that life and work happen, if you are running late for a class or need to leave early remember to enter and exit quietly as to not disturb others.

If a class requires shoes, please use clean gym shoes, avoiding street shoes on the studio floor.

You are welcome to use the bathroom for changing in and out of street clothes.

Children are allowed at child specific classes and events only, childcare is not provided for regular classes.

Any questions/concerns please call or text 701-301-7215. (A text will result in the quickest response if unable to answer.)

Ready to Make a Change?

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