Children with ADHD struggle with anxiety, hyperactivity, poor concentration, impulse control, and sensory overload. Yoga practice gives them the tools for breathing, meditation, and exercise for stretching and strengthening muscles. It is also a natural treatment for anxiety and children that learn in a class with a qualified instructor can practice it at home.

Where Children Can Learn Yoga

There are many yoga studios and recreation departments in towns and cities that offer after-school programs for young children. Many offer yoga classes and some non-profit organizations or health spas may too. You will find online videos that teach yoga to children. If you have the time, you can teach your child and a few friends by watching a video or online class with other neighborhood mothers.

Overall, a class or an instructor that meets with other children might be the best way for your child to learn. Often, a yoga mat and comfortable clothing are all that is needed to do yoga. It can help regulate their emotions, help them focus and be calmer, help them concentrate better, and accept themselves the way they are. You might be able to attend a class and later practice with your child at home. According to a recent study by Compare Camp, it showed that 37% of yoga enthusiasts have children that practice.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing in yoga is a natural treatment for anxiety. Yoga teaches different methods of breathing that help calm emotions and improve concentration. The exercise may involve breathing with a toy and movement for inhaling and exhaling. They may be holding a real ball or invisible ball to practice breathing. This exercise can be done before going to school, doing homework, or during a stressful time. A yoga teacher or instructor may have different breathing exercises for children.

Meditation and Yoga Poses

Meditation exercises may involve visualizing something to calm you down. Many focus on breathing as a tool to calm down emotions and a natural treatment for anxiety. Yoga poses to stretch and strengthen your child’s muscles are often included in yoga classes. Popular poses for children are the Mountain Pose, Tree Pose, The Warrior, Frog, Cat-Cow, Child’s Pose, and Rocking.

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